(Louis V Meets Ch Lucky Luciano)

Breeding Complete ✓ March 16, 2019


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1st ever Louis V Line’s Venom to a Magoo daughter


Venom Meets Magoo

Incredible litter. Two of the most famous bully’s on the planet, two of the best producing Studs in the World, crazy to think that this is the first time Venom has been bred to a Magoo daughter.

Venom is as Consistent as they come. He’s also the best at shortening breeding stock and producing shorter, more compact versions of the dam. The short “bullier” look that everyone is after.. You’ll be hard pressed to find two more consistent Studs at throwing their look every litter.

Magoo is the undisputed king when it comes to bone & mass, period. It also appears Magoo brought an even wider chest spread and drop to these pups while Venom shortened the height and length per usual producing short, compact bulls with his signature headpiece.

Over all this is an extremely impressive litter: excellent chest spreads, thick bone, short & compact with great headpieces!

The color patterns are unique for Venom too. 2nd ever all black productions & 1st ever brindle Venom kids! These pups are excellent foundation stock and could excel in the Show Ring or Show off Outside of it. Pups carry all colors.

We had kept this breeding quiet as we finalized our partnership with Texas Size Bullies/Venomline, but now that we have become the only official branch of Venomline.. you probably won’t be seeing these prices again. Expect these to go quick.


$4000 SOLD

8 Month Old Male 

$4000 Available 

For Reservations Call/Text Alisa at 336–572–9992 or Reserve your Pick HERE

Expect these pups to go quick. Pups off Louis V Line’s Venom can go for higher than $10, 000 when paired with some females.